Featured Adventurers

Featured Adventurers

Our adventures are what they are because of the people who join us on our treks, climbs, flights, rides, and dives.

Kartiki Patel
When a spinal cord injury left Kartiki paralysed, she assumed her dreams of SCUBA diving would need her to go abroad. Until she was introduced to ABBF and Finkick. “It was definitely an adventure for me,” Kartiki remembers. “It was against what everyone expected.” Conquering her fears of the “scary looking gear,” Kartiki found the experience peaceful and meditative, and today looks forward to becoming the first paraplegic to be certified for open water diving.

Ashok Munne
Ashok MunneAn accident and three operations later, Ashok saw Mt. Everest on a news story. Just like that, he decided he would climb it. In the months that followed, he got within three hundred metres of the summit, tried his hand at scuba diving, and is always ready for an adventure. His motto is simple – how does one build confidence without trying something?

The very first marathon Taranjeet ran with us, he ran a full twenty-one kilometres. Days later, he remained nonchalant about it. Without any fanfare or intensive training and warm up, he set off to prove just one point – the blind can do this too! Having played cricket in school, this was just one more thing to kick off the bucketlist for this Pune-waasi.

Vishal Jain
Vishal’s sVishal Jaintory is one of a small town boy determined to make things work. And how. From dropping out of school because failing eyesight would not let him read or write to propelling his way through the rest of his education using technology and even up to Everest Base Camp, Vishal has done it all. Today, he treks for pleasure. “We trek to enjoy nature. Of course, I couldn’t see it, but I can imagine whatever I want and it was beautiful!” he laughs.

“Adventures Beyond Barriers, as the name suggests, is not just an NGO but a moto of life for hundreds of people with visual impairment,” says Sivaji, an active participant in our adventures across verticals including tandem cycling, marathons, as well as a few treks. Vouching for the impact that adventure has had on him personally and socially, he says it drives people to “live with zeal, enthusiasm, and courage to surmount all sorts of barriers and obstacles.” When he says he can go on and on about ABBF, we believe him.