What We Do

At Adventures Beyond Barriers, we have 5 verticals:


It could be argued that marathons best reflect ABBF’s ideology. When runner-writer John Hanc said that “finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement…it is a state of mind that says anything is possible,” he spoke directly of our ethos. Running in marathons gives people with disability confidence and community participation, strength and satisfaction in equal measure, while allowing the aides an opportunity to gain awareness through experience. This is perhaps best reflected in our track record (pun intended!) with marathons across 6 Indian cities involving over 1500 runners so far…

Mountaineering and trekking

Anyone who has scaled a mountain will be able to vouch for the fact that it is so much more than climbing the rocks and scaling the peak. Trekking and mountaineering are as much about physical exertion as they are about facing inner demons, tackling personal monsters and coming out the victor, atop emotional and physical peaks. Climbing a mountain represents overcoming the entire spectrum of challenge known to man. At ABBF, our favourites are the Sahyadri Ranges… though once in a while we stumble further north, even occasionally paying a visit to Everest.

Tandem Cycling

For the first time ever, tandem cycling has come to India. At ABBF, we offer the opportunity for people with disabilities to experience the exhilaration of nature, the adrenaline of adventure sport, and the camaraderie of team work all at the same time. For people with visual impairment, tandem cycling offers the safety of being guided along with the rush of finding one’s own path. Whether for leisure or long-distance, or towards ABBF’s long-term dream of putting together India’s first tandem cycling team for the Paralympics, this opportunity is at the cutting edge of adventure sports in India.

Scuba Diving

Partnering with FinKick, ABBF offers persons with disability the chance to discover the serenity and mystery that lie buried in the depths of the ocean. With both organisations believing that scuba diving brings people in touch with beauty within and outside, the partnership allows us to commit to reaching as many people as possible, introducing them to the life-altering experience that discovering the ocean is.


Many years ago, R Kelly sang “I believe I can fly.” Today, ABBF has made that a reality for people with disabilities. A first in the country, ABBF has partnered with Temple Pilots to offer accessible sports opportunities for all. With Divyanshu Ganatra (founder, ABBF) proudly wearing the crown of being India’s first blind solo paraglider, the sport is opening its doors to a plethora of opportunities, giving people the gift of wings, fast becoming the shining example of how inclusive adventure sports can be experienced and enjoyed indiscriminately.

Check out Temple Pilots and all the exciting things they are up to here: www.templepilots.com