Our Big Dream

Our BIG Dream


At ABBF, we only believe in setting loC5D35107fty goals for ourselves. We dream big and then chip away at the mountain to make it come true.

When there is the chance to impact millions, why settle for anything smaller?

Driven by the unwavering belief that sports has the power to catalyse social change, ABBF uses outdoor activities and adventures as a tool to foster friendships, shatter stereotypes, and influence mindsets. By playing together, we believe, people (with and without disability) will get to know each other and over the course of time, move past seeing disability as the primary marker of difference. We go great lengths to achieve this (literally) by climbing mountains, running marathons, paragliding, scuba diving, and tandem cycling.

In the long run, ABBF has one big specific dream. We hope to build a community centre and share space that is entirely accessible and inclusive. People with and without disability will come in and participate, play sport, and experience the rush of adrenaline together. The space will act as the stage for interpersonal as well as community growth. Our imagination is running riot with visions of a basketball court, climbing wall, swimming pool, kitchen garden, badminton court, forest trails; all completely accessible! A first of its kind initiative in a country with an estimated 21 million persons with disability (Source: Census 2001), this will allow for independence in mobility and navigation. Everyone will be seen, everyone will have access, and everyone will have equal opportunity.

While we chip away at the mountain, we do not believe in lying low, and every day is one more opportunity to affect change. As we work towards achieving our long term goals, our regular events ensure that the ethos of ABBF spreads farther, impacts more, and keeps to our word of “creating empowering experiences that shatter stereotypes.”