What can you expect from M2K2017?



Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation is committed to orchestrating an experience of a lifetime for all of our participants in Ladakh. We promise to maintain utmost safety standards, never compromising on the health, security, or personal wellbeing of our team. We will do everything we can to enable an enriching experience, both physically as well as emotionally.

Part of the experience at M2K2017, however, is rooted in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. To this end, we do not promise you opulence and luxury. While all participants will have access to basic facilities and amenities, please expect to rough it out in the mountains just a little. In fact, we believe that is where the fun lies!

M2K2017 promises to be a demanding yet deeply fulfilling experience. ABBF is dedicated to catalysing this experience towards the goal of greater personal as well as societal growth.


Once you fill out our registration form, you will hear from the ABBF team shortly. We will talk to you to better understand you and what excites you about the expedition. Over the course of those conversations, we will both get a clearer idea on the dynamics of the expedition and how we can work together. We will tell you about training requirements and the specificities of tandem cycling, the logistical details of the trip, and the broad-brush details of what you can expect during the ride. In case it is your first time with inclusive sport, we will be thrilled to welcome you into the community. In case you have any dietary specifications, medical conditions, or other details that may influence the expedition, please do let us know at this stage.

For those of you new to the ABBF family, our website (www.adventuresbeyondbarriers.com) is a good place to start. Freshly minted and regularly updated, the website gives you an overview and history of the work that ABBF does and why we believe it has the potential to change the world. You can read about the people who act as the wind beneath our wings as well as brush up on common FAQs in the area of disability and sport. In case there are specifics that you would like to clarify, you can always write to us. Our email ids are available on the website.

Another good way to get the answers from ABBF is social media. We encourage all participants to follow our Facebook page – Adventures beyond Barriers. We are active on social media and regularly post updates both of our work as well as generic information from the world of disability and sport. Please participate, be active, and get to know the community! You can also find us on Twitter (@AdventuresBB) and Instagram (adventuresbeyondbarriers).

Cyber connections apart, in the lead up to the expedition, we will definitely have opportunities to meet face-to-face. It is mandatory for all tandem participants to be available for intensive training in the months leading up to the ride. For solo cyclists, please keep an eye on the ABBF page and our updates for opportunities to meet the team before D-Day.

Whether over social media, private messaging, or personal interactions, please do not hesitate to get to know one another. The core of ABBF’s philosophy lies in building relationships and individual connections. It lies in each one of you getting to know each other. We look forward to watching it all happen!

AT M2K2017

While the team from ABBF is committed to ensuring access to basic facilities and maintaining safety standards, we encourage participants to take ownership of the experience and make the most of what the expedition has to offer.

This having been said, you can be promised of a whole basket of takeaways.

Perspectives, stories, experience
Perhaps it is unusual to start with the intangible, but at ABBF, we believe that this is the most important of them all. Through the two weeks of the expedition, you will listen to innumerable stories and be privy to countless first-time experiences. You will meet people from so many different walks of life and exchange notes. You will cycle with them, drink a steaming hot mug of chai with them, puff through the mountain passes with them. At the end of it, you will know them. You will know their stories and their lives, and these stories will last long after the cold and the snow of the mountains have faded away.

Pushing physical boundaries
It is probably a safe assumption that most of us have not tandem cycled over long distances before, leave alone up the Himalayas. For most of us, the experience is a first, an only. Cycling over five hundred kilometres in two weeks pushes personal understandings of endurances, perseverance, will power, stamina, and physical fitness like nothing else can. At the end of this expedition, you will feel the glow of a superstar, we promise.

Experienced leadership and constant support
Sitting in the plains, it may be easy to underestimate the importance this plays in the mountains. ABBF is committed to creating a balanced team on our expeditions, a mix of sportspeople with and without disability spanning a spectrum of experience. Both expeditions will host support cyclists who will pedal solo along with the tandem riders only to extend their support to the cause of inclusive sport and motivate the riders. Members of the ABBF team who were part of M2K2016 will also be present for any clarification on the lay of the land, etc. You will always have support, motivation, good cheer, and ready laughs at hand.

Cycle maintenance and other support
Both expeditions will be accompanied by a support vehicle with emergency health supplies as well as basic tools for cycle repair. The vehicle will also transport support staff from ABBF as well as other members of the crew whose role is to provide you any assistance you need to make your cycling experience as worry-free as possible. At M2K2017, you pedal, we organize.

Basic food/beverages and accommodation
As part of the expedition package, all participants are given basic (healthy), regular meals and beverages to ensure that you are well fed and nourished for the task ahead. The entire team will also be staying in tents through the duration of the expedition, another facility that is covered by the package.

Access to route information and logistical details
All participants will be given a detailed route map that covers the entire length of the trip. This will also include a day-by-day break-up of the total distance reflecting the estimated daily mileage. The team from ABBF will always be available during the expedition as well as online in the lead-up to the trip to clarity any doubts that may arise.


We have work for our participants even after the expedition! Here is what we hope to count on you for.

The promise of inclusive sport
At ABBF, we believe in the power of play. We believe that spending time together in the pursuit of adventure sport is the perfect opportunity to build relationships rooted in empathy and understanding. All our activities are focused on facilitating these relationships and moving beyond the stigma and stereotypes of disability that are fuelled by ignorance. Our expectation of our participants is simple.

Participate in M2K2017. Make friends, build relationships. At the end of it, consciously decide to make your world a little more accessible, a little more inclusive. Let these relationships and stories come down the mountains with you and influence your daily life. Be an active member of our community. Be a part of the change.

Talk to us
ABBF hopes to make the M2K expeditions an annual affair, promoting tandem cycling as a vibrant example of inclusive sport. At the end of the 2017 edition, tell us what you thought. What did you like? What could have been better? What did you expect at the onset? Did everything on your list pan out the way you envisaged? What would you like us to keep in mind for next year? Be sure to leave your feedback.

Share your story
At ABBF, there is never such a thing as talking to much. Tell the world your story – the story of how you cycled up the Himalayas on an inclusive expedition. Write about us on social media, talk about us at your next dinner party, find ways to sneak us into conversations. Spread the message of inclusive sport and draw people into the community.

(PS – If you want to go one step further, reach out to us to tell your story on our website! We would love to host your writing/video testimonial on our platforms.)

Come back for more!
Last of all, but perhaps the most long-term of them all, always, always, always keep an eye out on our social media handles and our website for the Next Big Thing. Or Small Thing, for that matter. Any Thing near you. Come trek with us, dive with us, run with us. Like we say at ABBF – Come. Play. Grow.

If you are interested in joining us at M2K2017, please fill out a preliminary form here.